Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Paperback book day

Today, the 30th of July is the day to celebrate paperback books
Whilst electronic books and e-readers are becoming increasingly popular, there’s still something very special about an actual book. Paperback Book Day celebrates the look, texture and experience of reading a good ol' paperback. There is nothing quite like a book and nowadays, less and less people are reading physical books or even reading at all, which is pretty sad if you ask me. 
To mark this day, and celebrate paperback books I thought that I would share my three favourite paperback covers of books that I own. 

This cover is beautiful. I love how the typography mingles with the swirling
design of the cover and the grey and red colour scheme. There is just something
about it that makes it really beautiful and special.

This cover is quite simple but gorgeous. I love the face profile with the black and
white cover and the shining, reflective dagger that stands out - it's very effective.

This cover is really is really eye catching and effective. I love the silver typography across
the whole page with the girl in the background and her impressive pink dress as the focal point,
it is a truly beautiful cover.
I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite paperback covers? What do you love about physical book copies?
Ellen xxx