Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Would You Rather | Book Edition

Would you rather read only trilogies or only stand alones?
Trilogies - although I read more stand alones at the moment, my favourite genre is fantasy and I think this is done so much better when it's more than one book because the world-building is a lot more in depth and you get more involved.

Would you rather read books written only by female authors or only by male authors?
Female authors - I don't like this question as I don't ever take the gender of the author into account when buying a book and don't think it should matter at all, but I guess I probably read more books written by females than males (also harry potter was written by a woman and I got to have me some harry potter).

Would you rather buy all your books from Barnes and Noble or Amazon?
Amazon - Britain doesn't have Barnes and Noble so...

Would you rather all books be turned into movies or into TV shows?
All books be turned into movies - this is because I feel like in movies there is less time and room to change the story, unlike in TV shows, and it would also mean that I would have time to watch them all.

Would you rather read only 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?
5 books a week - only 5 pages a day would be torture.

Would you rather be a professional reviewer or an author?
Author - I would love to write a book but to tell you the truth I don't think that I have it in me to write one. 

Would you rather read your top 20 favourite books over and over again or alway read books you have never read before?
Always read ones I've never read before - this was hard to answer because I can't imagine not reading any of my favourite books again, but I would worry that I would get sick of them and I also can't imagine never experiencing reading a book when you don't know what the outcome will be.

Would you rather read only books from your favourite genre or books from every genre except your favourite?
Only books from my favourite genre - I have two favourite genres (fantasy and contemporary) so if I couldn't read my favourite genre it would knock two genres out that I absolutley love and that most of my favourite books come from, as well as most of the books I read.

Would you rather read only physical books or only eBooks?
Physical books all the way - so much prettier and so much more enjoyable to read.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a good day so far. What would you rather do? 
Love Ellen xxx